Do-It-Yourself Marketing

The Customer Journey



The typical journey for any of our customers is going to look very much like what we're about to layout for you. It starts down a narrowing tunnel to a decision point. Their journey along this tunnel will dictate their long term relationship with you and will influence you relationship with other customers.

Customer Journey

Awareness Campaigns

Customer Journey

Yoohoo! Here I am!!



After becoming aware of your business, consumers start discovering more with search.


There are more places than EVER where people are searching for businesses. It’s not just Google either. There are apps, directories, voice search, GPS… lots of places.


Question: Do you know how findable your business is online? What places are you aware of?


Customer Journey

It Doesn't Cost - It Pay$!


What does that mean - "It doesn't cost - it pay$!"

It means that with our program, you get to see the outcome before paying for it. We know our system works. You just need to see it work. Afterall, TRUST is a two-way street.

Bringing It Home!

Make the Sale!

Bringing it home


Are you set up to make the sales process as simple as possible from beginning to end?

Have you walked your funnel to ensure maximum simplicity?

Don't Miss Your Most Critical Step

Secure Your Advocate - Get Talked About!



Your greatest sales advocates are your existing customers. If you do not have an active review program in place, you are leaving significant money on the table. Our system gives that exact capability to you...and so much more. It's native to the process.

Channels Impacting

the Customer's Journey


All the channels, both traditional and digital, that can influence potential customers. 

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